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What is the TTR ® system?

If you are sprayer, you already know the benefits of foam roofing, and you likely also know the major criticism is the absence of reliable and durable UV protection. Coatings are a temporary solution, requiring considerable maintenance.  The patented TTR ® system takes advantage of the undeniable strengths of a foam roof, and makes it better by adding a protective EPDM top layer fully adhered to the foam roof system.

The TTR ® system starts with a layer of high-R-value spray applied foam insulation. Then, using a custom-blend spray-applied adhesive, the protective EPDM layer is adhered to the foam. The EPDM layer is tested and certified to withstand extreme weather conditions and UV degradation.

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What makes it better?

The patented TTR ® system brings the whole solution together.  The high-R-value spray applied Polyurethane insulation speaks for itself, providing lightweight, energy efficient insulation on top of the existing roof. Next, the fully adhered EPDM membrane provides  a level of protection far superior to traditional coatings.  The spray applied adhesive used to adhere the membrane is easy to apply, and provides excellent adhesion to both the EPDM and the polyurethane insulation. It provides superior uplift protection, without the need for fasteners or primers. Even better, the EPDM is applied in a single day, eliminating the need for multiple applications of top coating. In warmer climates a white EPDM membrane can be installed.

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Why your customers will care?

The TTR ® system is attractive to your customers because it offers undeniable value. As with other spray applied foam solutions, it is applied on top of the existing roofing structure. As such it is non-intrusive, allowing your customers to continue business as usual while their roof is improved. The fully adhered EPDM top layer is more reliable than coatings, allowing you to offer longer warranties, without worrying about constant recoats or replacement of the system while under warranty. Your customers will also appreciate three layers of energy-efficiency. The existing roof insulation is maintained. An additional R-Value is added using this superior qualities of spray applied polyurethane insulation. The third advantage is to install an Eco White EPDM membrane to reflect solar energy and keep your roof cooler. In most cases the TTR ® system is the most cost effective solution available.

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How you fit in

TTR ® is looking for authorized installers to sell and install its roofing system. If you are already a sprayer  you can expand your business beyond the foam market, into the entire roofing market. By offering the obvious advantages of foam, protected by a reliable, durable EPDM membrane, you can compete with any other roof on the market. If you are not a sprayer you can add the superior advantages of the TTR System to complement your existing systems. Training is available to ensure the quality and workmanship is of the highest standards. Material costs are competitive with other installations . Labor costs are much less, and that is our big advantage.

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