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    The Best Solution

    The patented TTR ® system brings the whole solution together.  The high-R-value spray applied Polyurethane insulation speaks for itself, providing lightweight, energy efficient insulation on top of the existing roof. Next, the fully adhered EPDM membrane provides  a level of protection far superior to traditional coatings.  The spray applied adhesive used to adhere the membrane is easy to apply, and provides excellent adhesion to both the EPDM and the polyurethane insulation. It provides superior uplift protection, without the need for fasteners or primers. Even better, the EPDM is applied in a single day, eliminating the need for multiple applications of top coating. In warmer climates a white EPDM membrane can be installed.

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    Overview and Make Up of the TTR System

    The TTR™ Tri Thermal Roofing systems unique combination make this roof system the best roof on the market by building on all of the advantages and eliminating the negatives of the two separate roof systems that combine to form the TTR system.

    TTR’s Spray Foam Roof Component:

    • Is light weight, reducing cost by not having to tear off old roof. Making this system environmentally friendly.
    • Is self adhering, so there is no heat or open flame needed during installation.
    • It’s seamless & monolithic nature make it a superior insulation that is also waterproof.
      • 1 inch of foam can stop 70 % of heat loss
      • 2 inch of foam can stop over 90% of heat loss
      • 3 inch of foam stops 98 % of heat loss


    TTR’s EPDM Single Ply Membrane Component:

    • No coating is needed over foam roof. No recoats, ever!!
    • TTR’s patented system uses no fasteners. No fasteners no reason to leak.
    • Its fully adhered and no need for ballast, keeping the system lightweight.
    • Black membrane is great for cold climates, white membrane is great for warm climates.
    • The membrane is very easy to repair.


    For More Information Contact TTR Systems Today!