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    • TTR and Urban League Employees

    Extreme Roofing Makeover…

    Extreme Roofing Makeover…
    TTR Systems donates innovative economical green roof to Central Florida’s Urban League

    TTR and Urban League Employees

    January 24th, 2011

    You’ve heard of the Extreme Makeover TV series, but have you heard of the Extreme Makeover TTR® Roofing System?

    A charitable organization in Orlando, Florida has been chosen by TTR® Systems to showcase their superior patented energy-efficient flat roofing system; the first of its kind in the Sunshine State.

    The TTR® System has been installed for over 20 years in some of North America’s harshest environments. The company is using this charitable event to demonstrate its patented Tri Thermal Roofing (TTR®) system, now available to building owners in the State of Florida.

    The team, led by Stan Cox owner of TTR Systems, is excited to have the opportunity to benefit the Orlando community. The innovative roofing system provides the superior insulating properties of TTR Polyurethane Foam with white EPDM membrane bonded to the surface with TTR adhesive. According to TTR® Systems, the roof is greener, lighter, stronger, less intrusive, and more energy-efficient than other systems available today.

    One of TTR® Systems’ authorized installers is set to begin Monday January 24 at 2804 Belco Drive in Orlando, FL. The project is expected to take 5 to 7 days to complete.

    We welcome everyone to come witness this innovative technology. Company representatives will be on-site demonstrating the advantages of this truly unique system.

    Penny Tremblay
    TTR Systems Roofing
    International Marketing and Public Relation

    Central Florida Urban League
    2804 Belco Drive
    Orlando, Florida
    407- 841-7654

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